hpGA Board of Directors

Article VII of the hpGA by-laws deals with the composition of the Board of Directors.

Remember, Board meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of each fiscal quarter, i.e., in November, February, May and August.  Everyone is welcome to attend, but check with a Director for the exact time & place.

Click on a Director's name to go to their homepage.

Officers & Chairpeople Telnet Mailstop Bldg
Mike Mason President 9-768-2403 NA home
Mike Keys Vice-President NA NA home
Gale Sill Secretary / Treasurer 9-712-0032 NA home
Mike Mason Handicap & Membership 9-768-2403 NA home
Steve Flynn Tournament Director 748-2231 5657 R4
Mike Mason Rules & Competitions 9-768-2403 NA home

Earlier in the history of the HPGA an attempt was made to include other rank and file members on the Board of Directors.  This met with a resounding lack of interest.   A major concern of the Board is lack of member participation, so this area is constantly being re-evaluated.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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